Online sites remain ‘Hot Favorite’ for Diwali Gifting and Shopping

Divya Bhaskar, 12th November, 2015 (Excerpts from the article)

200-300% increase in online shopping compared to last year.

Due to the race to always remain ahead and lack of time on hand, more and more people are shopping online. A rise of 200-300% has been recorded in online shopping compared to last year. An increase of 30% has been noticed in the share of Value Products category in overall online shopping. And the sales of Value Products has increased by 70%. The sales of Lifestyle Products and Electronics has seen an increase of 100-200% on the online platforms.

Delay in Product Deliveries due to High Online Selling

Electronics, Kitchen Appliances and Mobile & Computer Accessories segments have recorded the highest increase this year. We have noticed an increase of 100-200% in the online business this year. A main reason for this is that the promotion of online sites is also on the rise. As a result of this, time taken by online sites for the delivery of products has increased to 10-15 days as opposed to the normal 3-4 days.” – Tejinder Oberoi, Founder Director, m1-Order.

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