M1-order introduces a radically affordable and accessible way to get orders – from mobile phones and print campaigns. It offers a platform for retailers to build their mobile store and get orders from that. It has been designed and developed keeping in mind the needs of small and mid-size retailers, who are tech savvy and want to take advantage of the emerging possibilities of new technologies that can help increase business but do not know where to start.

Browse this page to get a better understanding of some of the amazing features m1-Order offers you.

Order Dashboard


Access all orders and product inquiries from a single dashboard. View new orders as they come in, track orders through the stages of fulfilment, transfer orders to other branches and much more.

Search & Analytics


View all order statistics – orders in process, completed orders, cancelled orders, and more. Search for a single order or search orders in a date range.

Products & Catalogs


Create unlimited digital catalogs, add products to catalogs, manage product descriptions, images and pricing, export catalogs for printing, share catalogs through social media.



Generate m1-codes for your store and products and use them in print media. Distribute your product catalogs and print advertisements with m1-codes and get more orders.



Edit your store profile, manage delivery and pickup options, enable payment gateways and manage payment options, configure taxation and currency settings.



Manage your branches, staff and users. Assign permissions to staff and users to access the order dashboard and other tasks.

Private Groups


Create and manage private group of customers. Manage invitations and access to your private store.