What makes M1 Order so Unique?

1. Compared to other applications of this genre, M1 Order retains minimal percentage of commissions from their sellers for the products sold by them. They demand only Rs.5 per product which is a great proposition for merchants while for other apps it is a minimum of (10-20) % commission per product.


2. In this application, sellers can generate product QR codes which enable the customers to directly order the product by scanning the QR codes from their mobile phones.


3. M1 Order acts as the stairs to success for the wholesaler and retailers by giving them a platform to promote their brand and extend their reach in a broader way through their app.

4. It connects wholesalers, retailers and customers from all corners of the country.


5. M1 does not demand for any legal paperwork from the wholesalers and retailers for joining the online business with M1.


6. All order, payments and instructions are routed to the merchant directly. M1-Order does not take part in the process of product delivery. Thus the brands directly get the focus from the customers.


7. Merchants are taught how to promote their stores on m1-Order app, social media sharing of promotional offers, etc.

8. M1-order provides merchants complete control over their mobile shop and manage their own M1 Order dashboard.


9. Companies that print catalogs and publish print advertisements have no way of judging the ROI on these spends. But with M1 Order, the returns can clearly be linked to the orders received.


10.Customers now have a choice to select, compare and buy rather than being forced to buy from a fixed list of merchants.


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