[SellerSpeaks]: Aditya Saboo on Bringing his Jewellery Store Online

Aditya Saboo - Blue Fire JewelsAditya Saboo is the owner and sole proprietor of Blue Fire Jewellers, a store based out of Pune, that has unique collection of gemstones and silver jewellery. They call themselves creative jeweller with great experience in Diamond and color-stone trading. Blue Fire is a brick and mortar store, and M1 enabled them to go online and offer arrays of products to the customers.

This is an excerpt from the interview we conducted.

What is your business all about?

We are essentially into gems and silver jewellery. We export, import, manufacture and retail silver jewellery. We have around 150 experienced craftsmen who work in the workshop to deliver the best quality to our end users.

Who is your target audience and how do you plan to expand?

We cater to direct customers as well as bulk-buyers. We are both – manufacturers and retailers, so we match the demands of all kinds of end-users. Women, especially in the luxury and design segment automatically become our target group.

As far as expansion plans are concerned, we want to create ease of access for the users. We are exploring ways we can sell better and improve buying experience of our users.

How do you plan to utilize M1 to your advantage?

I think M1 platform is very useful for small and medium retailers like me. It let’s me list all my products using mobile app. I can upload, delete, add, edit and track an order easily on my mobile. I do not have to maintain a website or build a mobile app. Even if I do, I do not want the hassles of maintaining it. I am hoping to reach out to more customers using M1.

One feature of M1 that you think works best for you.

I like the categorization of the product listing.

m1-Order is a great platform where you can present your whole product range to the customers without them even reaching us. To the customers, it gives full convenience to browse through the products which creates more impact on the sales.

Some creations by Blue Fire Jewellers for you to check out

Order from the Blue Fire Jewellers store on M1 Marketplace, by simply scanning this QR Code:

blue fire

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