Mobile commerce- A new lifeline for SMEs

Today’s lifestyle has made the consumers more tech-savvy. Initially when hyper-local concept was taking place consumers were not ready to accept that someone can deliver goods and services from their local areas directly to their doorsteps but now people have become more comfortable and accustomed with mobile commerce. They are constrained to small and local offline markets where choice and market competition are limited. An app-only model can be the stairs of success for the SMEs but 80% SMEs are not even aware of this fact. I believe all kinds of SMEs will be able to benefit from mobile commerce as mobile app development is the future of social interaction. M-commerce makes the process of data collecting and analyzing easier, it also helps in tracking actions and preferences of the user. Apps are the perfect medium to enhance better support and service to drive more sales. SMEs basically need to focus on getting a good platform to promote, spread the business and make it a known one among the target audience. It becomes a struggling challenge for many of them to reach enough customers.SME graphic

In India small stores are being left behind because they lack the operational expertise required to compete with larger and more sophisticated business. However, SMEs are more innovative and market oriented compared to the large multinational companies but they are not technologically advanced to face a lot of competition. M Commerce is uniquely positioned to fill the gap between the demand of India’s next generation of consumers and the supply of small business technological advancements.

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