Growing Demand of Online Marketing


Imagine a day without internet! How would today’s society thrive if the internet suddenly collapses? Shopping online, booking transport, assessing different social networking sites, e-mails, e-news, videos these are the things people are dependent on. Probably because we carry smartphones all the time in our pocket. The availability of internet has only increased to ease of access. If we look at it from a consumer’s perspective they are not just exposed to what your company says about your brand but what the media, friends, relatives, peers, etc. are saying as well.
E-commerce has boomed in India over the past few years primarily due to the rise in mobile internet access and improvements across payment and delivery infrastructures. Mobile commerce at the same time is growing at a tremendous pace but an application’s adoption rate still takes some time. A study conducted by ‘Outbrain’ shows that Indians are consuming 41% of their content through smartphones, 76% of which is consumed on Android phones (Source: Economic Times). So, in order to create a successful online marketing solution that will be adopted by your customers, you have to start by thinking from your customer’s perspective, understand their mind, track their requirements and strategize accordingly. Shoppers would not like to use the application unless they find it relevant and beneficial for them.

Here are some effective ways to leverage your brand online:

  • Working on your online branding is necessary, it is mainly about gaining customer trust as big companies generally have enough resources to invest but for the start-ups capital is a big issue to deal with. They need to think twice before investing. The traditional ways of promotion are always known to be expensive while mobile commerce is cheaper and an effective way to reach the target audience. For example- Being a start-up, Ola has successfully promoted itself and reached their target audience mainly through online ads.
  • The first and foremost requirement for online promotion is having a website that is branded correctly, easy to navigate, logical flow of information, relevant content, profile and site map. For example- Look at the navigation and flow of some of the successful websites like Flipkart and



  • If you want to launch an app-only model it is always a good idea to do a market study and find out which operating system is being used the most. If it is android start by launching the app in google play store, then roll it out for iOS and strategically pick stores in which you feel the app has the best chance to succeed.
  • The app should be frequently checked and updated as almost every single app has areas that could be improved, whether that’s the design of a sign-up page, the layout or some ambiguous text. These small issues should not be ignored as these may lead to a bigger problem. A good way to increase your customer base and sales is through app stores like Google or Apple. App stores not only give you additional distribution channels, but also make it easier for prospective customers to discover your app.




  • Exchanging links is a common technique for online growth. This helps to find partner sites that are willing to provide a link to your site, in exchange for you doing the same for them. This adds another location for consumers to find you. Links from popular sites which are high in traffic can be beneficial to your Google popularity and search engine positioning.
  • Understanding the purpose of your website and writing a good description about your app is equally necessary.
  • It is difficult to read and navigate in a crowded app so it is not good to include unnecessary texts and graphics and is better to display fewer products in a page. The checking out process should be made easier.
  • Article marketing is another fast-growing online marketing tool. Companies can use this strategy to establish a good relationship with their potential audience and in this way can convert them into consumers, if the articles are found useful enough. Articles offer quality information and search engine benefits based on effective use of keywords that consumers search for. Articles can be placed on your site, shared through a blog, or submitted to one of the many free online article submission sites.
  • The most valuable way to offer social interaction in your app is to add buttons to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, emails and other social networking sites. The key is to get your users to invite their friends in the shortest amount of time possible.


So, coming to a conclusion, keeping the budget constraints in mind, mobile advertising is the best possible way to grow your business and promote to a wider customer base.

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