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ScanNGo – 5 Pizza Outlets in Delhi you can Scan and Order from right away!

Hunger pangs? and what’s better than a pizza! These cheesy scrumptious delights fit in the budget of everybody. Here is a quick fix for Delhiites, just scan and order from your favorite restaurants below.

[SellerSpeaks]: Aditya Saboo on Bringing his Jewellery Store Online

M1 platform is very useful for small and medium retailers like me. It lets me list all my products using mobile app. I can upload, delete, add, edit and track an order easily on my mobile. I do not have to maintain a website or build an mobile app.

Why Offline Sellers Should Ditch Mainstream Seller Platforms like Amazon in 2016

The irony of the situation now – retailers who should dominate and guide the market trends, are putty at the hands of the leading marketplaces, which govern and guide how a seller should sell!