ScanNGo – 5 Pizza Outlets in Delhi you can Scan and Order from right away!

Scan to Order Pizza Online
Hunger pangs? And what’s better than a pizza! These cheesy scrumptious delights fit in the budget of everybody. Here is a quick fix for Delhiites, just scan and order from your favorite restaurants below. To scan and order right away, download the M1 Order App here:

7 Stick Amul Pizza – Laxmi Nagar
7 Stick Amul Pizza 200X200

The last we checked their medium pizza started at Rs. 50! yes, five zero- fifty. You must try their 7 Stick Crust Paneer Pizza.

To order, fire up your M1 Order app and scan the code below:

7 Stick Amul Pizza

Not Just Pizzas – Dwarka
Not Just Pizzas M1 Order

And as the name suggests, it is not just about Pizzas. The store churns out some amazing sides along with a wide range of pizzas. Non-veg Subs baked, and spicy Paneer and non-veg knots are a must order sides.

Scan the code below to Order:
not just pizzas

Pizza Corner – Mahipalpur

Pizza Corner on M1

Their pizzas start at Rs.85 for a regular veg. But again, they have a lot of variety in sides to choose from, they have cheesilicious pizza cones, chicken wings, barbecued chicken, chicken fingers, and I can just go on!

Check them out and order from their store here:
pizza corner on m1

Pizza Plus – Ghaziabad
Pizza Plus M1
Another budget friendly pizza option in your neighborhood. If you live nearby you just have to scan and order

Scan and order from here:

pizza plus on M1 Order

Pizzalicious – Faizabad
Pizzalicious on M1

Pizzalicious does not fancy it up. They serve all your favorite classic pizza with customization. The sides are simple and they have burgers as well. Its your “lazy Sunday” scan and order afternoon binge.

Scan and order here:

pizzalicious on M1

So, here you go, 5 of them you can order from right away. We would be updating this list. You can also browse more stores on your M1 App by typing on the search bar. Happy Scanning and Eating to you.

Sellers who want to register their store on M1, can call on these numbers: India:+91-79-6712-4040
USA: +1-888-501-6967 x202

And see your store sell online, just like the one below:

pizza store on M1Order

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