Start-ups in M-Commerce, Paving Their Way to Success

The most important characteristic of an app to be successful on M-commerce platform is being user-friendly and engaging. In the past few years we have witnessed a vast growth of smartphones and through digital marketing the promotion of India’s tech start-up in the m-commerce field have increased. An estimate of 114 start-ups were online by …

Growing Demand of Online Marketing

  Imagine a day without internet! How would today’s society thrive if the internet suddenly collapses? Shopping online, booking transport, assessing different social networking sites, e-mails, e-news, videos these are the things people are dependent on. Probably because we carry smartphones all the time in our pocket. The availability of internet has only increased to …

Mobile commerce- A new lifeline for SMEs

Today’s lifestyle has made the consumers more tech-savvy. Initially when hyper-local concept was taking place consumers were not ready to accept that someone can deliver goods and services from their local areas directly to their doorsteps but now people have become more comfortable and accustomed with mobile commerce. They are constrained to small and local …

What makes M1 Order so Unique?

1. Compared to other applications of this genre, M1 Order retains minimal percentage of commissions from their sellers for the products sold by them. They demand only Rs.5 per product which is a great proposition for merchants while for other apps it is a minimum of (10-20) % commission per product. 2. In this application, …

M1 Order Solving the Problems of the Start-ups (Infographic)

Are Licenses and Permits Essential for a Business?

Registering a business with the state or local government is not necessarily required to complete business transactions, but it is a smart choice for a new entrepreneur for a variety of reasons: (Specially applicable for running offline businesses) 1. A business bank account is important especially for small businesses to separate the personal activities from …

m-Commerce : India’s Largest Malls Have Shrunk into our Phones!

Introduction to the world of M-commerce Shopping now-a-days is really easy without the long and tiring weekend trips to the markets and malls! Remember the time when we had to buy a dress from a market? Checking out so many shops before deciding on one used to take so much of time and effort, but …

The Retail Industry In India [Infographic]

Here is a quick infographic on the trends and inclusions retail industry in India is going to follow in 2016

MrGeeksUnited’s Saurabh Mathur Reviews M1-Order

Review by MrGeeksUnited Team

5 Trends all e-marketplaces Need to Follow in 2016 to Survive

Be it in losses, online shopping is going to stay. So, how should they gear up for the market and stay on the top? Here is a quick industry observation from us.