M1-order was launched in May 2015 and since then it is changing the way retailers receive orders from their customers. The app was built with the sole aim of enabling affordable technology access to small and mid-size retailers. It gives these retailers the ability to connect to their existing and prospective customers through mobile, social media and print campaigns.

Every country has a large number of “neighborhood” stores who have loyal customers but have no way to reach out to them and receive orders. They still depend on phone calls, pamphlet distributions or walk-ins to get their orders.

We want to change that by giving any seller a way to reach out to their customers through the mobile store and leverage social media like WhatsApp and Facebook to get more orders.

The app breathes new life into the age old printed product catalog or menu by providing a call to action to customers for placing a direct order from the print. Thus, even retailers who advertise in newspapers and magazines can use this technology to increase their orders from their print campaigns.

We are committed to provide innovative means of ordering through technology to help retailers grow their business.



Niraj Hutheesing

Founder & Director

Tejinder Oberoi

Founder & Director