A Common Plea – A Regulatory Body Imperative to Monitor the Online Shopping Industry

Divya Bhaskar, 8th November,2015
City Bhaskar Talk Show: Online Shopping v/s Traditional Shopping (Excerpts from the show)

Divya Bhaskar hosted a talk show – Online Shopping v/s Traditional Shopping, the main topic of discussion in which was that, change is inevitable. Gen-Z is more inclined towards the newer, faster means of shopping as their risk taking abilities are more. The older generation on the other hand still pledges by the traditional way of shopping and feels that the younger generations are averse to this joy.

Both, online as well as traditional means of shopping, have their pros and cons. Market analysis says that e-shopping is on the rise although it still holds a very small % in the market share of over all means of shopping. A common plea that is being made by the industry is that there is need of a regulatory body to monitor the online trade. This body shall answer the queries of buyers as well sellers, keep a watch on the financial transactions and will be responsible to maintain the greater good of the buyer.

Buyers need a secure option
Both, online as well as traditional means of shopping, exist in the market. But if platforms for the small retailers are created then it would be a win-win situation for all. If traditional retailers suffer because of the rise of online retail, then that is not a healthy situation for the market as a whole. However, it is important that the buyers also get safe and secure means of shopping.” – Tejinder Oberoi, Founder-Director, M1-Order.

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