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m1-order enables print and mobile commerce for your business

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Mobile Commerce With m1-Order

Customers are increasingly ordering products using their smartphones. Is your store on their phone yet?

Create your mobile store today and start leveraging the immense possibilities emerging from a world gone mobile.
Manage products and prices
  • Track and fulfill orders
  • Delight your customers
  • Promote your store
  • Build your brand

Print Commerce with m1-Order

Do you use Catalogs, Menus and Advertisements for your business? Now get direct orders from these print collaterals
  • Generate m1-codes for your products
  • Insert them in your print media
  • Enable customers to directly order by scanning the codes
Accessible, Affordable and Adds Value

Build Your Own Brand

Put your store in your customer's pockets and give them a convenient way to order your products anytime, anywhere. Take your customer relationship to the next level.

Hassle-free and Economical

No need to worry about maintenance and technology upgrades. We take care of everything for you And what's more, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Measurable Returns on Your Print Campaigns

Print m1-codes in your print campaigns and start receiving orders directly from your catalogs and advertisements, thus giving you a measurable return.

Business Growth Through Word of Social Mouth

Share your mobile catalogs with your customers, prospects, contacts and friends on social media like Whatsapp and Facebook and see your business go viral.

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Are you ready to change the way you get orders?